Thursday, January 6, 2011

#32 Missed that bus

About a month ago I had a good chat with a guy about his studies, which were english and law. It was a really great chat. It was his fifth year and we both shared a common knowledge and love for certain books and authors. I was thinking, 'this guy's really cool', and how nice it was to chat to someone my age and argue about who wrote 'Waiting for Godot' - basically someone who is intelligent and who isn't a pretentious wanker (they are a rare species I have found). I told him how I was new to the city and how it was difficult to make friends. We chatted for about ten minutes and he told me to add him on Facebook and that I should come round to the flat for a beer - as his flatmate was also a work colleague. By the way it wasn't a 'come on', just a genuine invite. 

Two days later I'm catching up with a friend replaying these events and he tells me you need to have that first, lets call it 'date' or else it's all over. Otherwise the excitement of making a new friend starts to dwindle and you end up forgetting the 'click' you had. No... I wasn't even really taking the whole thing that seriously! It is hard to make friends the older you get and I guess I had just written it off to just friendly banter. But he was right, I had completely missed the bus.

He came back in about 3 weeks later and it was just awkward. I told him I tried adding him on Facebook and felt like a reject trying to climb the social ladder.

It's hard being vulnerable, personally I hate it. But sometimes we just need to get on that damn bus and screw your unbearable feelings.

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