Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#31 Prophetic meeting

I went to a wedding last Thursday and it was such a great experience. Usually when I go to weddings, I have that anxiety of 'I don't know anyone and I'm gonna look like a loser standing by myself for the ceremony', or 'I'm gonna be sitting next to the weird second cousins from Westport at the reception'. Luckily the latter didn't happen and maybe I did look like a bit of a loner at the actual wedding but I ended up spending the afternoon chatting to the most interesting woman I have ever met.

When I think about it now, it was definitely a prophetic  meeting. We hit it off straight away when she made a joke about praying in tongues, and she didn't look at me weird when every two minutes blow flies were landing on my head (it was an outdoor wedding), I think my short hair was mistaken for the blow fly mothership. Anyway, so we chatted away about life while eating the best fruit kebabs I have ever eaten. So it turns out she is a councillor and really in tune with the Spirit, and has a real gift in the prophetic. She asked me a few questions about my life and I talked a wee bit about my past. Long story short - I asked her to pray for me and see if God wanted to do anything in that moment. She was very obliging and we sat on the grass and she prayed...

It was amazing. I immediately felt a real sense of peace and broke a few things that had been hovering over me from my mother (I know this sounds all airy fairy but this is very real to me). Never once did I sense this woman was a weirdo, I am always wary of "spiritual people" and their quirks but this woman all there, real, honest and most of all humble. Everything she prayed about was on the mark, it was crazy and awesome. After she prayed I thought I would test it - getting all skeptical in my old age and I asked her if she knew my dad's name, or if God would tell her what my dad's name was (Obviously she didn't know what his name was, nor had I mistakenly said it - I'm no fool). She was like "Oh really? Haha", and was game enough to humour me. So she waited on God and said "His name starts with P". I couldn't help but start laughing... "Yes it does." "His name is Paul." Unbelievable - she was right.

I don't know what you think of this story, but that was one of the coolest afternoons I have had in a long time. She was so cool and so down to earth. I wasn't expecting an encounter with God that afternoon but I think it has been planned for a long time. I love unexpected things like that. 

The wedding was beautiful, a beautiful bride inside and out and a marriage that I think will flourish - was a privilege to witness the beginning of it. Great way to end a year I say.

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