Friday, January 13, 2012

#54 Reflecting on 2011

At the end of every year, I like to reflect on the year passed and figure out what I learnt, the mistakes I made, the successes, and if in general it was enjoyable (and if not, why).

Rereading my post Tall Poppies, I did work at my career and have moved forward in it. I worked extremely hard, sacrificed time with friends and sleep, too much looking back now. I don't really regret it, as it's given me choices, but I do wish I spent more time with the people who mean a lot to me.

I said I was going to work hard at my writing. Unfortunately I didn't do any writing apart from this blog. I do regret that. The longer you don't write, the harder it is to get back into it. If only it was as easy as 'getting back on the bike'.

I also said I was going to work hard at my relationship with the Father. But alas, that also didn't happen, and a huge regret there.

Do I think last year was a failure? No. I learnt so much last year about myself, was pushed so far beyond anything I have ever experienced before - I'm talking about my work, but that seeps into so many aspects of your character. I have changed and grown up so much in the last year and you can't regret that. I understand more about God (I think, time will tell), and I know now what I am capable of. Dare I say, I think if I really wanted to, I could accomplish my dreams. Just have to keep trucking forward.

So again no, I'm not making new years resolutions this year. I have desires this year and I feel I should share them here so next year I can do some reflection. The main ones are:

- Do some bloody writing
- Work on my relationship with the Father
- Join an agency, finish my acting course, and get some work
- Change something about my job
- Spend more time with my friends
- Save for an adventure

Are you determined in what you want to accomplish? Let's be determined together.

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