Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#48 Thank you

It has been a year since Abbotsford was birthed and it has been interesting. I started this 'blog' as a means of staying accountable to who I am and what I am about, and I think I have been true to my mission. I have written things I felt were true for me at the time, and now, not so true. But that was the whole point, journaling thoughts, feelings and truths.

I don't know if many even read Abbotsford, but for those who do, I would like to say thank you. I hope you have found it in some way encouraging - even if some posts were depressing. I enjoy sharing and being honest and I hope you have been encouraged that maybe 'you're not the only one'.

Take care whoever you are. Life can be hard, but in some way, we're all in this together.

We are all in this together.

- L


  1. Are you signing off for good? Please, don't.
    I love hearing about where you're at these days and how life is progressing for you. E xx

  2. No I'm not signing off :)
    Will keep writing for you!