Friday, October 15, 2010

#16 Solo

Tonight I went to the movies by myself. I've been wanting to see a movie for ages - which sounds strange but movies are expensive, and I forgot how much I enjoy doing things alone sometimes. The first movie I saw by myself I remember vividly, dad dropped me off and I was ready to explain to anyone I saw that I was in fact meeting some friends, the movie was Anaconda, probably J-lo's best film to date. 

Anyway, I parked down this street I don't know and walked down Queen St, got my ticket, sat down and waited for the lights to fade. Because I was feeling slightly insecure when I walked into the theatre, I quickly sat down and said 'Hi' to the guy next to me kind of making a big show of it as if I knew him... he ignored me. The movie was hardly inspirational but I really enjoyed the walk back to the car, it was probably the highlight of the night. Just watching everyone, listening to the lady 'preaching' or yelling into the mic about how man must repent, seeing all these people busying themselves with their lives - I find it strangely titillating. I guess I feel like I lose myself in the crowd, I become just another person among the lights, it's a nice change from my constant self analysis. And no, I won't tell you what movie I saw :).

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