Tuesday, October 5, 2010

#14 Teenagers need a smack

I was sitting outside today on my lunch break and overheard the most disgusting potty mouths - coming from four foot 13 year olds. That is one thing I dislike about school holidays, rude foul mouth arrogant teenagers wrecking havoc instore. It's bad enough we have to tidy up after them and listen to some of the stupidest conversations I have ever heard but the foul language on top of that? Yuck. 

"That f**king bus driver charged me f**king 10 cents more 'cos I didn't have my ID, what a f**king asshole."
"F**k him, what a f**k wit."

"Oh my gosh, have you seen Vanessa lately? She is such a try hard, high wasted shorts just make her look fat."

Grow up.

And for goodness sake, put some clothes on girls! It's not right seeing young girls dressed like skankies in a Chingy video, it doesn't look cool, it looks like you are waiting in vain for puberty. Spread the word, less is not more in this case, cover up, it worked for Michael Jackson and the least you could do is pay your respects to the King of Pop. Sometimes a sheet wrapped around your body is more appropriate than a boob tube and denim knickers - especially when you are doing the loops around the mall. 

That's all.

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