Tuesday, November 16, 2010

#24 How old is too old?

I was just sitting outside watching the teenage boy next door jumping on their trampoline and it occurred to me... how old is too old to jump on a trampoline? It would be strange to see a 49 year old business man bobbing up and down over the fence, but then why is that more strange than seeing an 80 year old man playing Monopoly? (great game by the way). Twister on the other hand would be another story. 

Recently I rented Disney's Beauty & the Beast and loved every minute of it, I put it on my Facebook status and was amazed to see how many people like and know the words to the movie. Sure, Belle is quite a fox and maybe chicks dig Aladdin's pubescent chest... the thing is, the subject of Disney has never come up in conversation, apart from the fact that every child cried when Mufasa died. Is it wrong to like The Little Mermaid or Hercules? But strangely enough if you know the words to 'Colours of the Wind' you're a prissy - actually that's true. But I think that every one deep down as an affinity to the old Disney movies but just keep it in the closet with R Kelly. 

Anyway, how old is too old to like the things you did when you were growing up? A part of me still wants to watch Care Bears and He-Man, I still want to have water fights and hose people down, I still want Vics to be rubbed on my chest when I'm sick (keep that in mind future wifey), I still want to play go-home-stay-home and spot light. Actually one of the funnest nights of this year was going to Spookers Haunted Attraction where we ran through a forest with actors dressed in costumes trying to freak us out - it was hilarious! Especially when a dwarf dressed as Chucky came running towards us... I love dwarfs. 

So I have come to the conclusion that we are never too old to do the things that bring us joy - playing with dolls does not count... healthy things, not sick things lets just get that straight. Clearly Disney movies are full of American propaganda, but take it with a pinch of salt and a spoon full of sugar and it's great entertainment. Maybe I will hose down the teenager next door...

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