Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#6 Reality slaps

It's funny when reality slaps you in the face. Perspective finally becomes clear and you make these decisions: to be a better person, or to quit 'this', or tell that person you love them, or tear off that mask that covers your insecurity and be honest. You say things like "I'll never do that again", or "I'm gonna change". But that feeling, I don't know what to call it, just slowly fades away...  

I made some decisions last week to do 'this' and 'that', and now I see them moving to the back of the line, again. It's horrible. Because these 'things' ARE a priority otherwise I wouldn't have thought about them in that moment of crisis, shiza minelli am I making sense? 

People would say that making decisions in a moment of crisis 'rash', or careless, or emotional... they are right. But people need to differentiate the 'irrational' decision and the 'action'. So I would suggest that the actions one desires to do in an emotional state is a true revelation of self. And to make a decision to take action is a good idea. Obviously I am not talking about decisions that would harm others or self. And I am not talking about moving cities when we hit a brick wall either, I would call that running away. I am talking about growing our character, changing the inner. Looking artificiality in the face and saying "I want nothing to do with you or your sister Paris Hilton".  We get so complacent and stagnant in life, and we shouldn't need life to remind us we are mortal. We need to tell our egos to be quiet - because they are always lying to us. So I have decided to become a politician. Kidding.  

Whistle while you work, hum a merry tune and lets get off our asses and do the things we were born to do, while becoming the people we were born to be. And I'll be honest, I am the worst at this.

Here are a few of my reality slaps... David will be 25 this year.

The Port Hills.
I do miss seeing this in the flesh.

Car accident 24/12/2007

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